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Don’t be left in the dark in a tunnel

Don’t be left in the dark in a tunnel

Tunnels, as well as underground garages and basements, are probably not our most favourite places to be. But when we have to be there, it is imperative that communications work in the event of an emergency. It can be a matter of life and death for the rescue services like the police and fire brigade to be able to keep in close contact.

Thankfully, governments and providers have considered this problem and have made sure that it is not just your car radio that works in a road tunnel, or that you can still read the news on your cellphone on the way to work by subway. In many countries, it is a legal requirement that the emergency services must be contactable even in the remotest of places. But how can that be achieved?

The solution is the DTS-3000, a measuring system based on the Narda IDA-2. With this device, you can quickly and efficiently survey tunnels, underground garages, and so on, and demonstrate that contact is possible. Even without GPS reception, it is possible to determine the field strength and transmission quality according to the Lee criterion in tunnels, for example.

That means you’ll never be in the dark, not even in a tunnel. You can read more about this here.