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Direction-finding in seconds with automatic DF antenna

Direction-finding in seconds with automatic DF antenna

The engineers at Narda Safety Test Solutions have successfully developed an automatic direction-finding antenna (ADFA) that, when used with the powerful SignalShark real-time receiver, is capable of delivering stable bearing results extremely quickly. Insensitive to reflections, which are ever-present in urban environments, it reliably and accurately determines the location of a detected signal. A complete bearing cycle takes just 1.2 milliseconds. This high measurement speed contributes to the stability of the bearing results. A long list of further advantages makes the ADFA 1 the ideal solution for automatic direction-finding of signals in the frequency range between 200 MHz and 2.7 GHz. As well as for cellular network providers and the military, it is primarily aimed at the users of professional mobile radio or trunked radio (PMR) and security and safety authorities and organizations (BOS) that have applications that involve safety and security.

Don’t wait, you can get the information right now from the SignalShark page or arrange a demonstration with Accutronics.

As seen in EngineerIT.