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New eCompass from Jewell Instruments

New eCompass from Jewell Instruments

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce the eCompass series, a product family of precision electronic compasses for the unmanned vehicle and marine industries.

The eCompass series includes four different models, each with a specific combination of tilt sensors, magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers with RS232, RS485 or TTL output types. Each model is available in an economical plastic enclosure with an 8 pin, single-row, 0.1″ friction header, 6 pin RJ12 modular jack. For rugged requirements, an aluminum enclosure with a circular, 6-pin female connector is an option for each model as well.

With various combinations of sensors, the eCompasses can serve as precision orientation components for unmanned vehicles, robotics, weather buoys, platform/antenna positioning, marine navigation, satellite ground stations and more.

For more information please contact Accutronics or visit the Jewell Instruments website.