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BC Series – Bidirectional DC-DC converter
DC-DC, Power Supplies

BC Series – Bidirectional DC-DC converter

Compact 3500 W Bidirectional DC-DC converter for Mild and Micro-Hybrid Automotive Applications

Calex announces the addition of the 3.5 kW Bidirectional DC-DC converter to their product offering. The 48S14.250BC non-isolated DC-DC converter provides a complete solution for in-vehicle power distribution in 48V/12V battery configurations for a variety of applications including micro and mild hybrid automotive systems. The bidirectional DC-DC converter charges a low side (12V) battery during normal operation (buck mode) and charges or assists the high voltage (48V) battery in emergency situations (boost mode). It is packaged in an unprecedented low profile 240 x 136 x 18.4 mm mechanically enclosed package weighing only 1.3 kg.

The 48S14.250BC uses CAN 2.0b interface for complete control of the converter as well as monitoring LS current and the internal temperature of the converter.  It uses a high-speed CAN-Transceiver for communication with the microcontroller. The converter’s high efficiency, up to 97%, and high power density are accomplished through the use of high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuitry, and leading-edge thermal design. This design approach results in a highly reliable and ruggedized product. The 48S14.250BC includes a disconnect switch based on a back-to-back MOSFET configuration for the low side (12V battery). The converter has reverse voltage protection, short circuit protection as well as low standby current for the low side. The packaging makes the unit ideal for harsh shock and vibration requirements as well as easy integration into a battery pack. The baseplate of the enclosure allows for ease of mounting to a chill plate or chassis. The operational baseplate temperature range of the 48S14.250BC is -40˚C to 100˚C.

The 48S14.250BC converter is backed by Calex’s five-year warranty. For more information on the 48S14.250BC, view the datasheet here, or contact Accutronics.

As featured in EngineerIT and Dataweek.