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Transceiver Test Systems by JFW Industries
RF & Microwave Components

Transceiver Test Systems by JFW Industries

The family of RF transceiver test systems from JFW Industries connect multiple radios together in a closed mesh network configuration. By using variable step attenuators you are able to dynamically fade up/down the RF signal between radios. The systems are available in three different basic configurations to simulate almost any network topology (custom configurations available upon request).

Transceiver Test Configurations

Transceiver Test Configuration Options

A Full Fan-Out system is constructed as a fully meshed matrix with every port connected to every other port. The Limited Fan-Out system connects each port to several of its neighbouring ports. This option is most useful for reducing the size and cost of designs with a large number of ports. The Hub Fan-Out system is connected as a star with all ports connected via a resistive divider/combiner with one programmable attenuator per port.


  • Controlled via Ethernet, RS-232, or GPIB (GUI provided)
  • Frequencies from DC-18 GHz
  • Up to 32 inputs available in Full Fan-Out configuration
  • SMA, N, or TNC connectors

Functionality vs Cost

For a transceiver test system, the major cost driver is the number of internal step attenuators. Each of the three types of systems we offer requires a different number of internal step attenuators.  This difference is due to the way the port-to-port connections are created. The full fan-out type has the highest number of internal step attenuators. The hub fan-out type has the lowest number of step attenuators.

For more information, please contact Accutronics, or visit the JFW Industries website.