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SignalShark Outdoor – All good things come in threes

SignalShark Outdoor – All good things come in threes

So far, the SignalShark receiver was available as a handheld unit for on-site interference localization, and as a remote unit without display and keyboard for integration into a 19-inch rack, for example.

Now, there’s a third version: the outdoor unit. IP65-compliant for ideal protection against wind and weather. With an extended temperature range, it is just the right receiver for your 24/7 spectrum monitoring tasks. You can fit it on a mast or tower, or on a wall; no problem for the outdoor unit. Power over Ethernet or powered from solar panels, with LTE modem, it’s always the perfect solution.

And if you need more than just spectrum monitoring, the outdoor unit will also automatically find the direction of the signal when coupled with the Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) from Narda. Or, it can be perfectly integrated into a TDOA system. And, and, and…

Boundless applications, for places with boundaries… just in case your application involves frontier protection.

Regardless of the version of the SignalShark that you choose, you can expect the same perfect RF performance. Tried and tested and confirmed by the German BNetzA regulatory authority. You can read about this in the following test reports:

Has that aroused your interest? Check out the website to see how effectively the new SignalShark Outdoor Unit can also support you in all your measurement tasks in the future, or contact Accutronics.