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SignalShark – Speed is(n’t) magic

SignalShark – Speed is(n’t) magic

If you swap a traditional analogue spectrum analyzer for a SignalShark receiver, you’ll certainly notice the difference!

Fast, faster, SignalShark.

To make sure that you can use this magical speed to its full potential without needing to be a wizard, Narda has conjured up a new Application Note.

This not only describes the relationship between the good old sweep time (SWT) of an analog spectrum analyzer and the measurement time of a thoroughbred real time device like the SignalShark (there isn’t one); it also describes how you can search for interference in the uplink timeslot of a 4G or 5G TDD system without fuss or the need for large scale options (or magic, either).

Curious to know more? Then, click on the link and enjoy reading all about it or contact Accutronics for a demo!