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GAIA Converter Unveils 60 W DC-DC FEM for Military Power Converters
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GAIA Converter Unveils 60 W DC-DC FEM for Military Power Converters

GAIA Converter has introduced a fully integrated 60W DC-DC front-end module that significantly simplifies the design of military power converter architectures. The FLHG-60-O-N module is SWaP-optimized (Size, Weight, and Power) and meets rigorous military and avionics standards, including MIL-STD 461/704/1275 and DO160, when used with GAIA DC-DC converters.

This encapsulated through-hole module measures 40 x 26 x 8mm and can be easily integrated into both new and existing DC-DC converter setups. It operates reliably in challenging military and avionics applications, with a wide case temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. The module can handle loads of up to 60W and operates within an input range of 16 to 60VDC. Its ‘pass-through’ mode ensures minimal voltage drop, and it features differential and common-mode EMI filtering to meet the MIL-STD 461 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard.

For added protection, the module can handle input transients up to 100V/50ms, as per MIL-STD 1275, and clamps the output at 80V. It also includes reverse polarity and input inrush current (soft start) protection, enhancing system reliability and durability.

The FLHG-60-O-N complies with MIL-STD 704 and DO160 requirements for power failure hold-up using an external capacitor. A monitor signal indicates the capacitor charge level, ensuring it remains at 90% or higher. Additionally, the module can be remotely disabled using an on/off control, allowing it to enter a low-consumption mode, thus promoting optimal reliability and extended lifespan.

According to Christian Jonglas of GAIA Converter, “Our new 60W front-end module simplifies the lives of system designers as it comprehensively addresses the input bus specifications of avionics and military applications by seamlessly integrating with GAIA DC/DC converters.”

For more information please contact Accutronics or visit the GAÏA website.