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Power Supplies

API Logo

API Technology is a leader in high-performance RF, microwave & microelectronic solutions, the company designs, develops and manufactures one of the world’s largest selections of RF, microwave and millimetre wave components and systems for use in commercial, defence, and space applications. The company offers both US and Europe-based design and manufacturing options.

CAENels Logo - Accutronics

Established in 2009, CAEN ELS (a spin-off company of CAEN) is strongly customer oriented and it continuously highlights the importance of a close interaction with scientists, researchers and electronic engineers in Science and Applied Physics laboratories as well as with universities and other companies all around the world.

By analyzing and sharing the needs of the particle accelerator community, CAEN ELS can provide both complete solutions and electronic instrumentation for several applications in these environments, from magnet power supplies to diagnostic electronic instrumentation, from precision current sensors to complex beamline electronic systems.

Calex Logo - Accutronics

Calex is a subsidiary of the Murata group and with the mission of developing instrumentation and power conversion products and providing world class service and quality. Calex has over 1000 different standard and custom catalogue products.

ConTech Logo

Contech, a division of Calex, is a manufacturer of quality, low-cost power supply products ideal for volume production requirements. AC-DC power supplies are offered with output power ranging from 25 to 150 W and with packaging options being either PCB- or Chassis-mount. DC-DC Converters are offered for power requirements ranging from 1 to 40 W and industry-standard PCB-mount packages of SIP, DIP or SMD.


GAIA Converter offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of modular power components in the market place. GAIA Converter has also brought on to the market its well-known concept of Modular Power Architecture to allow the simple design of complex power supplies. With more than 3500 standard power component references serving the industrial, transportation, aerospace and military markets, GAIA Converter is recognized as one of the world leaders for ‘power module’ solutions. Products are designed to make PSU designs simple yet high-performance and very low external component counts are required for optimal performance that ensures conformance to the most stringent Mil-Std requirements and include:
– DC-DC Converter Modules offering power up to 200 W
– Front-End Pre-Regulator Modules
– Front-End EMI Filters
– Front End Limiters

Green-Watt-Power-Powerland Logo

Green Watt Power (GWP), a division of FSP-Powerland Technology, offers a variety of power products for the Electric Vehicle market including DC/DC converters and AC powered chargers up to 11kW and speciality products like solar inverters and LED Drivers. Their products provide customers total cost savings through high-efficiency, low-cost and consistently reliable performance.

Heinzinger-logo Logo

For nearly 60 years, Heinzinger has been renowned for its high power, high current, high voltage and high stability supplies. Heinzinger can provide power supplies with up to 300 kV output, up to 10 kA with stability of less than 10 ppm.


Modular Devices Inc. (MDI) are a preeminent supplier of high-reliability, space-hardened DC-DC converters for the most discriminating customers in the most demanding applications, from the International Space Station to specialty satellites and constellations. They also produce EMI filters and Solid State Relays (SSRs), Inrush Limiters and Power Bus Controllers.


PEAK Electronics is a German manufacturer of DC-DC converters is TUV-certified to DIN ISO 9001:2000. They have the widest possible range of DC-DC converters in the 0.25 to 75 W power range. PEAK offers the best quality, lowest-noise products that outperform the competition, whilst also beating the competitors in price to ensure the best possible cost-effective solution.
– SMD, SIP and DIP packaging options
– Up to 4:1 wide input to 72 VDC
– Single, dual or dual isolated outputs
– Custom Voltages (In / Out) offered with no cost penalty
– Unregulated, Regulated or Filtered Input / Output Isolation to 5200 VDC
– Metal Can option for the lowest Radiated Emissions

TDK-Lambda Logo

TDK-Lambda is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of standard switching power supplies. They have a strong reputation for the high standards, quality and exceptional reliability of their products, that include:
– AC-DC Switchmode Power Supplies with Single or Multiple Outputs
– AC-DC Modular Configurable Power Supplies
– AC-DC Programmable Power Supplies with power up to 20 kW
– DC-DC Converter Modules with Single or Multiple Outputs with power up to 1 kW
– DC-DC Configurable Power Supplies with power up to 900 W
– Custom Power Supply solutions