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RF & Microwave Components

API Logo

API Technologies Corp. is a leader in high-performance RF, microwave & microelectronic solutions and has a rich history in the industry, created through the acquisition of Aeroflex Inmet, Aeroflex Weinschel, Amplifonix, CMT (Commercial Microwave Technologies), Emcon, EMF Systems, FSY Microwave, Spectrum Microwave, Spectrum Control, Sage Laboratories and SST. The company designs, develops and manufactures one of the world’s largest selections of RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and systems for use in commercial, defence, and space applications.

CPI Logo

Communications & Power Industries (CPI) is a global manufacturer of electronic components and subsystems focused primarily on communications and defense markets. Founded in 1948 as Varian Associates and with acquisitions of EIMAC and MCL, the heritage of technological excellence spans decades. CPI offers innovative and reliable technology solutions used in the generation, amplification, transmission and reception of microwave signals for commercial and military applications. CPI serves customers in the communications, defense, medical, industrial and scientific markets and offers Power Amplifier solutions that utilize all technologies, including Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA), Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA), Klystron, Magnetron and Gyrotron.

Epsolon - Accutronics

EpsilonRF are experts in the field of high power amplifier design utilising the latest GaN HEMT technology. With output power levels ranging from 5W to 5 kW across the frequency range 20 MHz to 18 GHz, this type of amplifier is ideally suited to Electronic Warfare, SSR/IFF radar and cellular base station applications. Their proprietary lightweight and space-saving technology lends itself perfectly to applications where space and weight are at a premium, such as in Man-Portable radio equipment and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Apart from standard designs, EpsilonRF works closely with customers to achieve a compact design and involving a high degree of integration between the power amplifier and other system elements (Output T/R switching, filtering, VSWR monitoring, etc).

JFW-Industries Logo

JFW Industries, Inc. specialises in attenuation and RF switching products. Their attenuation offerings include fixed, manual, step and rack mounted attenuators and test systems. Their RF switching products include solid-state, electro-mechanical, RF matrix and RF switch assemblies. They also offer RF routing components such as power dividers, power combiners, directional couplers, bias taps and impedance matching pads.

L3Harris Narda-Miteq Logo

L3 Narda-MITEQ is a recognized leader in the advanced development of RF and microwave products and sub-systems for both military and commercial applications. Their standard 3-year warranty attests to the high quality of their products and dedicated engineering resources are available to modify standard designs in support of custom-generated specifications.

Steatite-Antennas Logo

Steatite Antennas (formerly Q-par Angus) is a world-renowned, UK based antenna designer and manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of COTS and custom-built antennas and associated components operating up to 60 GHz.

TMD Logo

TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) is among the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage power supplies, and transmitters for Radar, Electronic Warfare (EW), Communications, EMC RF testing, and other Laboratory applications.

TRM Logo

Technical Research & Manufacturing (TRM) is a specialist manufacturer of a wide range of high performance passive and active RF components for applications in the DC to 40 GHz range.

Flexiguide Logo

Flexiguide Ltd is the world’s largest dedicated manufacturer of flexible twistable waveguide assemblies and associated products. Intelligent design and the use of superior materials are the hallmarks of Flexiguide’s products, making them the first choice for clients demanding cutting edge performance coupled with cost-effective long term reliability. Accutronics carries local stock of their most common varieties and lengths of flex/twist waveguides.

GI-Waveguide Logo

Global Invacom Waveguide (GIW, formerly known as The Waveguide Solution) is an industry leader with over 75 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of flexible and rigid waveguides and provides the complete technical solution for defence, medical and communication markets. GIW offers an extensive range of standard and custom components including flex-twist, flexible and rigid waveguide, horns, filters, flanges, pressure windows, couplers, loads, OMTs and switching networks.

Quasar-Microwave Logo

Quasar Microwave Technology is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of passive waveguides systems and components, complemented by their specialist precision engineering capabilities. From standard to fully custom designs can be produced with fast turnaround times to support system development.