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DRM40 – Low loss 20 A to 40 A DIN rail redundancy module
DRL100‑24-1/C2 – Low profile 88W DIN rail power supply
New eCompass from Jewell Instruments
PH300A280-5 – High Voltage Input DC-DC Converter
GENESYS+ adds 1.7 kW models
CCG-D – Wide input range 15 W and 30 W dual output DC-DCs with six-sided shielding
RSKN – Single phase 6 A to 30 A EMC filters provide attenuation across a wide frequency band
CUS200LD – Convection and conduction-cooled power supply series includes 3.3 V, 4.2 V and 28 V models
Condition Monitoring: Vibration Sensor Technology Comparison
820M1 Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor